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The HJ, is my smallest guitar.  It is a 14 fret 23.9" short scale.  This guitar is designed to produce a traditional folk sound, yet is capable of producing a clean focused tone that will cut across a room.


The Sullivan is my most popular model.  Designed for comfortable playing with a clean dynamic voice that sounds sweet and clear. This model is the pinnacle of what we look for in a fingerstyle guitar. 

Caton Guitars8.png
Caton Guitars Logan 6.jpg


The Logan is a Mid-Large sized guitar.  The round lower bout sets nice in the lap, and has the mass you want while standing.  Designed for players who want a sweet clean tone while soft light playing and the headroom for punchy driving strums.  A  well rounded guitar that works well for both flat picking and finger style.


The Carolyna is my large body guitar. Designed with ergonomics in mind, the rounded 16" lower bout, is on the small side of Jumbo.  This gives it the characteristic boomy tone, without producing distracting overtones.  The asymmetrical body gives the player a comfortable playing position while allowing easier access to the upper register without the need of a cutaway. 

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